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About us

medical waste

Our History

Medical Waste (full name MEDICAL WASTE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT S.A.) was founded in 2007 to provide high-quality environmental management services. In 2008 it opened a hazardous clinical waste Sterilization Plant in the Industrial Area of Heraklion Crete, and since then, it has been treating Infectious Clinical Waste.

Medical Waste is the first company based in Crete to provide integrated services of Collection, Transportation, and Treatment of Hazardous Clinical Waste, offering economic and environmental solutions in this field.

In addition, Medical Waste offers services in the field of Hazardous Waste and Non-Hazardous Waste Management, as well as in the field of Confidential Files and Documents Destruction.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer high-end, integrated, ecological, and economic solutions in waste management, while remaining faithful to the principles of circular economy and sustainable development.

medical waste

Safety in Collection & Transportation

We have a modern fleet of vehicles transporting Hazardous and non-Hazardous Waste, which is monitored real-time by an electronic telematics management system.

medical waste

Reliability in Temporary Storage, Processing and Final Disposal

We fully comply with the EU and national legislation for the proper management of Hazardous Waste. We use an advanced traceability system that provides monitoring of each waste at all stages of its management until the final disposal.

medical waste

Modern facilities

Our modern facilities are fully licensed and certified for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management.

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